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    • Blade and Sorcery Montage

      Are you good at killing? Send me some of your clips of you using this mod! Clips I enjoy could even be added to our latest montage at Blade & Sorcery Montages on youtube!

      Just email your clips to [email protected]!


    • The Living Desert - Roadmap April - June 2019

      Hello everyone,

      As a preamble allow me to thank everyone downloading, endorsing and commenting on this mod; what started out as a private project made for myself has become one of the most succesful New Vegas mods of the past year and I am very grateful for all of your support.
      Nontheless the Living Desert is still far from perfect and will receive continued support, so before I rest on my own laurels, here is a release schedule for everythig related to this mod coming up from now until June:

      Early May:
      - 1.58 update
      Includes several bugfixes, new or overhauled scripted encounters, a merger with "Unfriendlier Persuasions" and some quality of life improvements.

      Early May to Early June:
      - 1.6 BETA
      Includes a somewhat experimen...

    • Thank you for support

      If you found any mistake or bug
      please do not hesitated to contact me!...

    • Version 2.7 Notes

      Foreign Lands version 2.7: More Style

      Version 2.7 brings in a large amount of changes that fall into a number of different categories.

      The first and most important set of changes are the inclusion of an updated File Size Table. The file is called "FileSizeTable_US.fst" which is located when you open up the master folder for Foreign Lands. Located in the same area as the FFXII_TZA.vbf file is the FileSizeTables folder. SImply replace the file in that folder of the same name as the .fst file included in the download.
      - This will correct most of the issues with ability and item descriptions displaying corrupted text when viewing them in the inventory or the gambits menu.
      - When examining abilities in the inventory, their descriptions still seem ...

    • Release Schedule

      Release Schedule

      I'm putting up this article to let everybody know what the up-coming releases are. Please do keep in mind that the dates are estimates only.

      Pipboy Pack - This will contain all the PC and console versions of the Pipboy with all the language version. ETA - April 24th during the day.
      Armor Update - Fixes some processing artifacts and a couple of blurry textures. Also found some raider armors in clutter of all places. ETA - April 24th during the day.
      Weapons Update - Some of the weapons from Fallout 3 have a green tint. This green tint becomes more noticeable after up-scaling. It's most visible on light colored weapons. Need to go through them all and tweak the colors manually one by one. ETA - April 27th.
      Dungeons Pack - This ...

    • Hello

      Thank you for downloading my mod. Love u <3...

    • Licence Plate

      The licence plate is currently a decal of a Nova Scotia Canada plate.

      This can be changed by these simple steps.

      File is located in the decals folder in the mod zip.  The file is called: plate.dds

      This file can be opened, you can either unzip/edit/zip, or edit the file without unzipping by using a program such as 7zip.  Keep a backup just in case.

      To edit the graphic, I would recommend using paint.net

      Try to match any replacement image to the same aspect ratio.

      When saving, be sure to save as a .dds file, and keep all default settings... eg: DXT3 (Explicit Alpha)...

    • Installtion.

      Download file and unzip.
      Rightclick the game in Steam.. Select properties. Select Local Files. Select Browse local files.
      Back-up(if you want) the folder labeled "Textures"(Not TexturesHD).
      Delete the file labeled "Textures"(not Textures HD) and replace it with one of my files.
      After replacing with one of my files, rename it(my file) "Textures" without the quotes.
      Close the file and launch the game in Steam.
      The game startup menu will open and select the module "Native".
      NOTE: The File labeled "Textures x2" contains only 2x resolution textures.
            The File labeled "Textures x2.5" has some addition textures in 4x resolution.
      This mod doesn't need a mod manager.. I have not tested any. Its just an easy manual install...

    • Thank you for interesting our work

      If you found any bug , mistake , or need any skin or aircraft
      Please do not hesitate to contact me...

    • More mods

      I have a bunch of other mods. Depending on the attention my coyote gets I will be talking more about them. But I've spent a lot of effort on them and want some of them to be "rare"....

    • Slutty Outfit for Ciri and Yen

      Recently I started playing Witcher 3 again and realized there are not enough sexy outfits for the main female characters. So I tried modding for the first time and made a small attempt which I am sharing with you guys.

      This mod simply swaps Yen and Ciri's outfits with some of the NPCs outfits. I tried making custom outfits but failed since my custom outfits (which are not already there in the game) appear without any texture in the game and look ugly. I will still keep on trying though. If you guys like my work I will make more such mods....

    • hybrid

       My new job
      race semi man semi werewolf...

    • The Final Touch

      My priority was optimization to have a very light ENB, then I worked a lot of light effects to have a Next-Gen rendering, for that I worked anti aliasing and ambient occlusion and the DOF and many more, then now comes the moment of detail. 90% is done, but if you find something to fix do me in part. thank you for your endorsements and downloads....

    • Wasteland Flora Overhaul v3.2

      Wasteland Flora Overhaul Fertile v3.2 now have tree LOD's - some are 2D, some, like one or two, are in 3D. You need FNV LODgen to generate these tree LODs, read the main page for info. 

      Fertile version now has the dead grasses and the rather colorful lupins are now a more subtle type of flower. I prefer the mod like that but migh add a texture pack for those who wants the greener grass.
      I know there are some (~40/60 split) in favor for the dead version, perhaps i can lure you people over to the fertile side of the wasteland, because its unlikely there's going to be a dead version update with LOD's etc. I've always seen the Fertile version as the main version personally. Fertile does not mean it makes the whole game like a forest or similar, try it out if you hav...

    • Installation: How to find and install files in Content Folder (Part 2)

      In the second half of the guide I ask you to download and install the files in order from top down. So if something is labeled as step 1 it should be installed/replaced before step 2. Make sure to download only the linked files and read the instructions next to the link. DO NOT, search for an alternative such as the content patcher version of Invatorzen's Dialogue (you will screw up the whole modpack).

      To find your StardewValley Content folder usually it is located in your C or D drive-->Steamlibrary-->Steamapps-->Common-->StardewValley-->Content

      General Installation of Content Folders
      For Windows-Users:
      Extract files you want to install
      Copy the Content-folder
      Now change to Stardew Valley (the basic game folder) and paste the...

    • Installation: How to find Mod folder (Part 1)

      You must have first installed Smapi in order for the mod folder to exist. If you haven't done so here is a link to install smapi.

      Copy the extracted files from the first half of the guide into the Mods-folder in your Stardew Valley installation directory
      For Windows-Users: Stardew Valley\Mods
      For Mac-Users: Stardew Valley/Contents/MacOS/Mods

      Usually your StardewValley Mod folder is in C or D drive-->Steamlibrary-->Steamapps-->Common-->StardewValley-->Mods...

    • Non-Actor Detection Shaders

      And here's the last one of my modding tutorials I was able to find on the internet. Again huge thanks to Matthiaswag for refining it. There are indeed far more superior ways to scripting, like make proper use of states and arrays. But the time I did this tutorial was at the beginning of my modding efforts, and I also refused to utilize more professional code, if the standard code got the job done. Basic code has the advantage to be far less complicated to track and trace. Find the refined original over here:


      This is a tutorial written by Mofakin. Credits to him for writing it and figuring out how to do this. If you want to see how it can be applied, check his mod out - he u...



      "I want to run a forest mod immersive citizens and cutting room floor?"

      You can use all these ( CRF and Immersive citizens whiterun hold forest ) with main file 2 from the download area.

      "ELFX doesn't work properly in the Bannered Mare with the Main File 1 Full Version with your Patch installed.
      The fire doesn't cast light around itself."

      Not a bug my preferred alteration to the patch for both mods to work together. The shadow casts onto the wood beams on the walls etc, lower than normal as I lowered the fire.

      "I'm here to report a visual problem.. at the stormcloaks side outside Dawnstar, there is a huge tear on the ground and you can see the stuff that were under it throu...

    • Version 0.9

      Version 0.9 is available. Just a few more tests and I believe the final version will be released.
      Lore was added to the character and the equipment names changed too. The character suffered a nerf in his skill Cutting edge and riposte as an attempt to leave it more balanced during the fights.
      New lines were added during the stress and virtue phases.
      A new exhausting effect has also been added.
      if the nerf were too heavy I'll post a hotfix to fix them.
      Thanks for downloading my class and good game....

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