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    • Tempered Furious Rajang and Dual Furious Rajangs (custom quest)

      Enjoy Tempered Furious Rajang and  Dual Furious Rajangs!
      This mode require strack's loader

      Tempered Furious Rajang
      Title : MEW ARE NUMBER ONE!
      Stars : MR 6
      Map : Arena(challenge)
      Quest Type : Hunting quest
      HR Requirement : MR1

      Dual Furious Rajangs
      Title : Dual Furious Rajangs
      Stars : MR 6
      Map : Arena(challenge)
      Quest Type : Hunting quest
      HR Requirement : MR1...

    • Installation

      This mod can be installed with OpenIV.

      popgroups.ymt file must be placed at update/update.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/

      Don't forget to backup!...

    • Triumvirate Compatibility Notes

      Not all mods listed here are available for all platforms. MCM (Mod Configuration Menu) requires SkyUI. Before using a compatibility patch, make sure it supports the latest version of both mods to avoid issues.

      Known compatibility list


      Skyrim VR: Compatible.


      Arcane Accessories: Compatible.


      Adamant - A Perk Overhaul: Compatible.
      Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim: Compatible.
      Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul: Compatibility patch available on mod page. The patch integrates the changes both mods make to the same vendors so they sell the spells from both.
      Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim: Compatible.
      Tomebound - Lore Spell Additions: Compatible.
      Vokrii - Minimalis...

    • Original and update file Part 2

      ==Hello There==

      Today's (8/8/20) update contains the following:

      This isn't going to be as formal of an article due to a time limit I have currently. I updated the "update" files for my mod so it should no longer conflict with the main "reworked" file. Enjoy and have a nice day! ~Lucky...

    • Detailed Description of Plots and Creation Club Plus Mod Synergies

      This is a detailed description of each plot, resources produced by the plots, the skins available for plots that have them, and some additional synergies that will appear if you have them. 

      Residential Plots

      Glory Days
      Size - 2x2
      Description - A residential that's heavy on the baseball paraphernalia. My own private tribute to the baseball furies of the film The Warriors. 
      Resources Produced: N/A

      Skins Available -
      Default - Basic concrete textures
      Cinderblock - A more construction-type cinderblock texture
      Multi-color - A red, white, and blue series of textures for some color
      White - A white painted texture 

      Commercial Plots

      Old World Diner
      Creation Club Synergy - Slocum Joe'...

    • Butterfly Knife Remastered

      CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL MOD CREATOR! https://www.nexusmods.com/bladeandsorcery/users/39982350
      ORIGINAL MOD! https://www.nexusmods.com/bladeandsorcery/mods/1503

      This is a remastered version of Hudsonius's butterfly knife. He has given me permission to remaster his butterfly knife. This is my first mod so make sure to give me some feedback.

      Also if you are a modder and are willing to help me with imbument contact me on discord (Doggo#2992)

      Thanks and enjoy the mod....

    • Naruto Mod Pack

      I hope yo have fun with my mod and this is my first mod so be free to record problems and solutions to the problems...

    • TNH-Constant action

      This is first map I have ever made. A small map with two hold points (one semi long range and one with hold point in the middle of the room). Hold points are very close to each other and so are supply points. That means soldiers from different points could actually come to support the allies you are facing.
      I had plenty of fun testing it, I know the geometry is not the best, but it was just for testing, I plan to actually update this map quite a lot if I get any feedback.

    • Description

      1. Increased maximum weight from backpacks;
      2. Increased maximum weight from armor;
      3. Removed displacement limitation;
      4. Knives break boxes (damage has not yet been increased, is it necessary?);
      5. Spawner (F1 key in the main menu). You can spawn anything, including all flash drives, quest items, and even monsters! Spawner fitted this mod for 2-3 hours, I hope you enjoy it;
      6. Trade is simplified (Sidorovich buys items of 100-25% condition, hoarders at the Dump during the day 100-7%, at night in any condition);...

    • Trailer Park Workshop DLC3

      prefabricated and modular build sets

      The Modular Axer Trailer (5 color variants)

      The Modular Whitley Trailer Series (4 color variants)
      Whitley Mk I, Whitley Mk II, Whitley Mk III, Whitley Mk IV

      The Modular Cruiser Mk IV Trailer (6 color variants)

      The Prefabricated Korby Series (5 color variants)
      Korby 300, Korby 450, Korby Deluxe

      The Countryman - W.I.P

      The Sentinel - W.I.P

      The Nuka Atom - W.I.P

      Modder's Resources ...

    • Halo 2 Sangheili Campaign

      Hi folks, you may have noticed that this mod has an 'Elite Edition' that adds allied Covenant units to the mission - I have added similar variations to many of my previous mods:

      Sacred Icon - Meddlers now has a mode that adds Major and Spec Ops Elites instead of Brutes: https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/529 

      Delta Halo - Battle of Installation 05 now has a mode that adds allied Elites to the level:

      Regret - Hunt the Hierarch now has a mode that adds allied Elites to the level: https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/553 

      Gravemind - Prison Break now has a version with a variety of allied Elites in the prison, that include...

    • Detailed Description of Features (Spoilers)

      This document will probably change quite a bit as/if the mod develop.

      Chances and frequency of each type of feature can be edited in the config.json file created when the mod runs the first time.

      There are three types of puzzle so far that reward the player with a chest on completion:

      Light Puzzles

      Simple concept, four lights, four tiles, light up the lights. One tile lights up one light, a second lights up two, third lights up three, and the fourth lights up four. It's randomized.

      Tile Puzzles

      Also simple, step on the tiles in the right order to make the chest appear. The hard part is figuring out the order, which even I can't do with all of them yet.

      Offering Puzzle

      This is...

    • Regarding Update 2.00

      I've decided to scrap Update 1.05 entirely in favor of adding more things into 2.0.0.

      Good news is:

      I am going to be making several improvements to the base race itself, such as cleaner textures, additional character customization, and cosmetics. I'll also include a plugin that changes more NPCs into the FalloutSama races and merging the Mutants, Raiders, Companions and Gunners into that plugin. That plugin will be the only one provided for 2.0.0, so no more individual plugins.

      Bad news is:

      The next update will take a long while to finish, modelling hairs is much harder than I thought and it will break characters' faces and saves. Meaning if you load a previous save with a FalloutSama character, you'll get the Brown Face Bug. You'll need to u...

    • Klingon D7

      Hi all, I've been playing the game for a few months now and was disappointed to hear that there are few working Star Trek Mods. Therefore, I'm going to start a slow process of creating some of the most iconic ships of the saga. There is already a mod for Federation Starships (which I sometimes find to be a bit overpowered), so I'm going to focus first on non-Federation ships.The first of the series is the Klingon D7. This is a beta and is open to changes and suggestions. I would really like to hear from you what you think about playability, if it needs upgrades or downgrades. It works with and without Survival (I always keep it running) as far as I can tell.Known bugs:I've found that a room and the shield sometimes move randomly. Every time this happens I load up the ship and move them bac...

    • READ ME


      Options: Original/Airyn
      You can choose:
      * Original: for my older, leaner and more worn looking Professor
      * Airyn: for the slightly younger, less worn, but still fairly scruffy.
      (Note: Airyn also redesigned my sprites, these are not configurable, my old ones were not good).

      Options: True/False
      This mod adds a slightly larger farm cave with a one-way "secret" passsage and healing spring.
      It can be congifured TRUE or FALSE.
      If you are using another mod that adjusts your farm cave, set it to "False".

      Options: True/False
      Adds the two older men to the social menu and makes them giftable.
      I Recommend using this in ...

    • Achilles-Troy 2004

      Preset based in Achilles in the movie Troy(2004) interpreted by Brad Pitt....

    • Update 1.01 - Notes

      ==Hello There==
      Today's (8/7/20) update contains the following:

      - Adds different ammo (5.56) for the Lever-Action Launcher. Nerfed the weight, ROF, and damage due to it murdering deathclaws instantly. Still uses guns perk. Also new grenade effects which are subject to change.

      - Adds ammo near the added weapons. 2x 9mm Boxes, 2x 5.56 Magazines, 2x 10mm Boxes. (2x .357 Boxes because it was the other idea for the LAL but I didn't remove it lol)

      I'll work on adding items to vendors however I can't promise I'll finish the idea. 

      One bug noted:

      L-AL from the update may spawn on top of or with the original versions. I recommend you sell what you don't want or use to repair other L-AL's. Im currently working on a fix h...

    • Work in Progress and Features to come


      Halo Reach (Expanded) attachment system for Halo 4 helmets
      More options for Companions instead of just MacCready
      Fix up Holotape description to reflect Nexus now hosting TCS as well as Discord.

      Features to come

      Halo Reach (Expanded) attachment system for Halo 5, Online and Custom helmets
      Proper Female Techsuits. (Armours have to be adjusted for this)
      More Expanded Customization
      More HUD Overlay options
      Working Jetpack for the Reach (Intruder) Jetpack option.
      Fix up leveled list Outfits for Spawning Grenade Spartans to accommodate for new Armour piece types....

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